Homestuck Volume 9 Listening Party - 7 p.m. Central!


Hey there everyone! In honor of Homestuck Volume 9’s release I’ll be hosting a listening party in my stream at 7 p.m. central time!

A bunch of the Homestuck music team will be there including Jit, RJ, Squid, Bowman, Nick Smalley, and whoever the heck else feels like showing!

If you’ve done any art for Volume 9 I encourage you to join in on the fun and tell us about your tracks!

Look forward to seeing you all there! 

yeah i’m going to be there, and square, and another adjective

i’ll be like this 




it’s here

a track from volume 9 a full six days early

i hope you feel lucky 

volume 9 is upon us. soon we will be swimming in milkshakes.

jane dargason has just been finished; i slapped some touches on it and they will touch all of you inappropriately and you will like it.


because i know you’re dying of curiosity

here is the original mp3 i sent clark that began this exciting journey. note that it is literally nothing like the final mix, or even the mix posted three weeks ago. it is a completely different thing.

that is what friendship does.lessons to be learned, people