this will be on stuckhome syndrome for sure! original sketch of stellarum salve before i fleshed it out into the much longer track it became

art of course by mobble! she’s great, yeah

dunno if this is volume 10 or stuckhome syndrome, but it’s gonna be released; this is a super early demo

this now feels like a real thing, with an ending (still probably aways to go, though)

download here

(for the uninitiated, this is a rearrangement of on to grasstown, which is a piece of music from cave story, a video game by daisuke amaya)

i’m working on the stuckhome syndrome version of jade dragon! it’s a bit different but i’m liking how it’s turning out, maybe you all will too

ok that last one was a joke but here is quite literally the preview of the first track of STUCKHOME SYNDROME, the new album in the works that is literally me remaking all of my original homestuck music for your benefit and mine

this is an early early preview what i’m doing with carbon nadsat/cuestick genius, my very first homestuck song! feel free to rate/comment/subscribe if you like. 5 stars. friend me

so like three years ago i was asked by this italian band who was obsessed with polysics (in turn, then, obsessed with devo (in turn, then, obsessed with dadaism and weird hats)) amd didn’t speak very englis good to remix one of their songs

and this was the result

sort of weirdly flattering to find out coming back to this track that they have it as the default on the ep release, so when you go to that page it’s the first one that plays

good job, me, i guess 

i made a soundtrack and now you can buy that soundtrack that i made. it is this.
the soundtrack to this game


it can be bought for five dollars and it has literally over twenty tracks on it. in fact, if my math is right, there is more music here than there is on the fez soundtrack.

for actually less money.

featuring remixes by clark, astro kid, screamcatcher and also more than that too. it’s a thing. you should buy it

please buy it




so i was thinking of the next rap to do since i really enjoyed the last one and shit, man, seems like you did too?

so i was watching my most recent obsession and it became pretty obvious

a gravity falls rap 



so here the fuck it is

it’s a bit wonky but i’m proud, dammit

of myself

 also this track is family friendly apparently how did that happen

i might put together a download link eventually. maybe a mixtape!?!?!

 lyrics under the cut