so rune was feeling super down and i did this to help her feel less super down than she was feeling. 

done in less than two hours from start to finish. maybe a new record? i was aiming for under three hours. i like it maybe you will like it too 

bryan lo’m gave me a go-ahead to sample kupek things for homestuck tracks etc a while back as long as i didn’t use any vocals

g i v e m e m o n e y

do i have your attention yet because there’s even more stuff ok awesome

so i was thinking of the next rap to do since i really enjoyed the last one and shit, man, seems like you did too?

so i was watching my most recent obsession and it became pretty obvious

a gravity falls rap 



so here the fuck it is

it’s a bit wonky but i’m proud, dammit

of myself

 also this track is family friendly apparently how did that happen

i might put together a download link eventually. maybe a mixtape!?!?!

 lyrics under the cut

oh do you want lyrics for that

ok here are the lyrics for that

i went off book/fucked up maybe a bit 

under the cut


Anonymous asked:

do you have a humble bundle yet



My name is Luke and I write comics. Some people have had very nice things to say about me.

Right now I have a comic script for a story called Prison Spaceship. It has a strong female character, aliens and a bunch of symbolic stuff in it. Also I have actual editors in the industry editing the…

k sure sounds good

Homestuck Volume 9 Listening Party - 7 p.m. Central!


Hey there everyone! In honor of Homestuck Volume 9’s release I’ll be hosting a listening party in my stream at 7 p.m. central time!

A bunch of the Homestuck music team will be there including Jit, RJ, Squid, Bowman, Nick Smalley, and whoever the heck else feels like showing!

If you’ve done any art for Volume 9 I encourage you to join in on the fun and tell us about your tracks!

Look forward to seeing you all there! 

yeah i’m going to be there, and square, and another adjective

i’ll be like this 



slightly over a week ago me, nick smalley, and robert blaker were in the same room

in unrelated news, an album hits today. maybe about four and a half hours from now, even? MAYBE. i can’t even say that for sure!