thing i did for fnewsmagazine. will it be printed? i don’t know.

since it’s for print there is a thingie in the bottom left. i’m too lazy to crop it out.

this is professional work, people 


he said

you know that one track

the one called junk film 

remember how i said it was on an album i was working on

you don’t remember this at all 


so like three years ago i was asked by this italian band who was obsessed with polysics (in turn, then, obsessed with devo (in turn, then, obsessed with dadaism and weird hats)) amd didn’t speak very englis good to remix one of their songs

and this was the result

sort of weirdly flattering to find out coming back to this track that they have it as the default on the ep release, so when you go to that page it’s the first one that plays

good job, me, i guess 

rachel i’ve never seen a duck that looks like that

so rachel had a beat and now 

i rapped on it

all one take besides chorus

feel free to reblog the shit out of this 

made for the felt, will never be released. whatever. sounds like an angry carwash.


do whatever you want.

make out to this song. make out with this song, even. science will figure it out. 

since i guess it’s “old terrible music day” here is one of my +100 to date unreleased homestuck tracks. this one is, like several of them, unfinished. will it ever be finished? 

i need to sleep