so i was thinking of the next rap to do since i really enjoyed the last one and shit, man, seems like you did too?

so i was watching my most recent obsession and it became pretty obvious

a gravity falls rap 



so here the fuck it is

it’s a bit wonky but i’m proud, dammit

of myself

 also this track is family friendly apparently how did that happen

i might put together a download link eventually. maybe a mixtape!?!?!

 lyrics under the cut

oh do you want lyrics for that

ok here are the lyrics for that

i went off book/fucked up maybe a bit 

under the cut

so rachel had a beat and now 

i rapped on it

all one take besides chorus

feel free to reblog the shit out of this 



So, Squiddle rap. Not sure what to think of it except that “nah nah nah, throw your tentacles up” is possibly the best line ever written. I can’t make out half the lyrics (and based on a couple minutes of research, neither can anyone else), but I’m okay with that and it’s pretty much par for the course with RJ. If nothing else, it’s a great subversion of what most listeners likely expected when they first heard about a Squiddles album (including me).

And of course, it’s not even his strangest contribution to the album, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Strangest contribution is probably the bonus track, given that it was there that I invented the phrase “friendship aneurysm,” a phrase which has forever been codified as indicative of horrible, horrible things.

Let’s mourn my sanity. 

Also, guys, this is HS Music Daily. It’s way better than that other Homestuck song-a-day radio thing so if you’re in the incredibly specific niche of people on tumblr who like listening to music by people who read comics and want analysis on it than it’s clearly the blog for you.