From now until New Years’ Eve use the checkout code “christmasbash” to get 70% off of Omegalodon! This is the best time to buy music for a game about a giant mutant shark monster that there’s ever been.

process shots for the art for the omegalodon album (which you should buy) (please) (i want your money ok). start to finish was about a solid week of work. 

you might be wondering why exactly i even bother with a scanned drawing if the final version is so removed from it!


aside from getting my ideas down on paper (which helps me more than you’d probably think; i find traditional drawing far easier to get started than digital drawing for various reasons i might go into later), the scanned drawing was invaluable in mapping the pixel art, the bulk of was done in ms paint. 

that third pic should give you an idea of the resolution i work at; this is so that it’s future-proof in case i ever want to print this (like if i ever do a vinyl edition of the album, hint hint). that shot of the eye is at 50% zoom.

one of the many, many bonus tracks from the omegalodon soundtrack, which you should probably buy and then tell your friends about and make me rich

make me rich

i made a soundtrack and now you can buy that soundtrack that i made. it is this.
the soundtrack to this game


it can be bought for five dollars and it has literally over twenty tracks on it. in fact, if my math is right, there is more music here than there is on the fez soundtrack.

for actually less money.

featuring remixes by clark, astro kid, screamcatcher and also more than that too. it’s a thing. you should buy it

please buy it




selection from the omegalodon soundtrack, being released within the month.

this is the title screen theme. 

so i made music for a video game, and now that game is out. it’s released. you can buy it. you can buy it.

 get it here.

The game is called Omegalodon. It’s a thing, I guess.

Putting together the soundtrack for this thing took over my summer last year, and now it is done and out and you can listen to everything. 

A few caveats:

  • the game costs ten dollars. is something i touched worth ten dollars? that’s a question worthy of discussion
  •  you need to have a desura account to play and get this thing and its demo. signing up takes a second. and then you need to download desura. worth it? still worth discussion
  • the game looks fun. you should play it, even if you need to play it with the sound off.
  • the game is, however, multi-player only, so if you’re lonely like i am you won’t have any fun

I’m going to be releasing the soundtrack on its own by the end of the month, so, that’s a cool thing too sure why not