good morning! this jam is way too resonant. i have to make this less resonant

fact: it’s resonant bc that nice synth pad is actually a drumloop i’ve eq’ed to high hell

first commission! 5 dollar music loop commissioned by iamshadowthehedgehog aka wtfstuck aka rune aka whatchEVER

my prompt was great:

"somemyhing calming. heartbeat? no maybe who knows . just something 5 levels more musical than sound therapy clocks and less intense than like Pokémon route themes . something to loop a lot for a calming. your animal crossing character taking a nap wherever outside, a peaceful nap that results in someone leaving a flower in your hair or a lunchbox next to you. warm breeze. alternatively, harvest moon protagonist on a day off, a quiet day, an accomplished day"

you could get a music loop like this for five dollars! plus a ton of other things. maybe commission me yourself? maybe? do it, punk

more preview of the easy girl album, upcoming in the future some day. commissions post soon! tonight soon. gonna also have new stuff in my store. you’ll all know. i’ll force you to know.

first draft of some music for a video game that isn’t the one i’m designing right now, but is one i’m doing all art + music for.

my brother is designing this game (and programming mine, incidentally); his only direction for the music was “it should sound kinda like justice”

wip from july 2013 for an edm album i’m probably gonna do with rachel 

old thing lying around, i might finish it. it’s hideously harsh but eh, it’s a living

so when i was in high school my teacher made everyone in the class do a project about huckleberry finn and i had this sketch for homestuck (that never ended up becoming a homestuck thing) lying around and i quickly recorded lyrics i made up on the spot with a rock band mic and here we are 

short analog riff i did -months- ago i don’t know if i’ll ever work into anything but i like the porta on it so here it is