it can’t really be called goofing off anymore

this is a pop song 

i’m super lazy so instead of drawing i goofed off

this is what laziness sounds like 

sketching out some new music to prove to everyone that i haven’t forgotten how to do music 

playing with unusual rhythms and melodies and such and such who knows where this will go

play it loud

a few weeks back i presented you with the mono mix i did for the first project in mixing/mastering 

here was the final mix, which i never posted, which is stereo and also actually good to listen to instead of not good to listen to

enjoy it 

I figure that I should start posting some more of my older music (older as in pre-homestuck) here, since nobody really digs the nethers of my soundcloud and myspace? what’s myspace

So: this was done for a remix contest way back in the day (2008? 2009? what) for a trip-hop act called Mr. Meeble; the contest stipulated that there would be Two Winners, a Fan’s Choice who would be picked by voting and a Band’s Choice who would be picked by the band; they actually never did the first one and they ended up picking an 8 minute long winner that was borderline unlistenable

or at least that’s how i remember it

This was my entry.

it’s one of the first tracks I made that I was ever actually proud of and didn’t totally hate forever

you can download this here

bryan lo’m gave me a go-ahead to sample kupek things for homestuck tracks etc a while back as long as i didn’t use any vocals

made for class
we had to make a 3 minute track using only 3 samples
two of these are drumloops, anything that sounds like a synth is a clip of my voice