I just got hired to do music + other stuff for this game that’s happening. It’s a bit Zombies Ate My Neighbors, a bit goofy Silent Hill sendup. Exciting stuff! The rough title is ReDeadtion, which may be the final title. Also it may not. We’ll see! That’s what it’s called now.

This is the first draft of the theme music. 

i’m -really- excited and proud of how this is coming along and that isn’t a usual thing for me so take a listen maybe

old thing lying around, i might finish it. it’s hideously harsh but eh, it’s a living

venting frustrations with not having enough money and not being able to find my wacom pen with some late nite acid 


old thing i never finished that i started for homestuck and now do not remember how this was ever related to homestuck at all

i’m gonna answer my ask backlog soon enough

instrumental version of a song i’m working on that rachel’s gonna sing on when she can get lyrics down

inspired by a taylor swift tweet

so i’m finally figuring out how to use analog synthesizers and program them like they’re real things

this is me fooling around in the recording studio because i can’t record right now because the speakers are blown

so instead i’m using this studio time to put things on my laptop

so rune was feeling super down and i did this to help her feel less super down than she was feeling. 

done in less than two hours from start to finish. maybe a new record? i was aiming for under three hours. i like it maybe you will like it too 

i remixed the first track of lemon demon’s new christmas ep

that came out like

five hours ago?

yeah i did ok i hope you like it 

ps i’m still gonna do those requests shhh ok i promise 

told you it was a pop song

you doubted me

is it finished

who knows