assorted images from an art talk i gave two days ago

why am i the only one asking the pertinent questions

thank you all for your Kind Words and reblogs i am v. grateful 

i’m not going to sleep this week

i’m not going to sleep this week


Anonymous asked:

do you have a humble bundle yet


at one point, kids, i was working on expanding “descend2” (what would become cascade) into something bigger and longer. obviously that fell through and tensei finished his track as he wanted to do it, which is well and good, but hey.

this is as far as i got. maybe i’ll finish it one day.  there are a buttload of problems here, most notably the sburban jungle samples in the lead up to the drop and the fact that i didn’t make it my own, enough, at this point. 

maybe this will get done for volume 9. i’d like that. 

self portrait i did yesterday in an hour after unboxing my actually working cintiq

love me