i’m not dead i swear

here’s a tiny mashup i did last night it’s kinda dumb

i’m back. i live. also reminder to look at my twitter if you don’t already because i actually use it

i just put together gotye and kriss kross

i’m a fucking monster

and i’m planning on finishing this 

Turns out apparently that my old ask isn’t working anymore because when you break the system the system breaks you back.

breaks your back uh

the system is bane

when you break the system you are batman

 anyway. This is that mashup, except now in an actual audio post and attached to my soundcloud so go nuts. 

Just found this;

Courtesy of this dude comes a mashup that pretty simply, albeit nicely, takes both Pyrocumuluses that I did and makes them a single thing.

He calls it “Sickstart,” too, which is pretty baller.

 I had a huge grin on my face listening to it, and now you will as well. 


barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbark asked:

what do i have to do to get you to make more mashups sweet lord


honestly no idea but i did this other one a year ago


Anonymous asked:

Your music is noticeably different than what other members of the music team produce. What are some of your influences?