and this is the original version of Heir Transparent! this was made a full year before Heir Transparent was actually released! this will not ever be released in any official capacity, probably

this will be on stuckhome syndrome for sure! original sketch of stellarum salve before i fleshed it out into the much longer track it became

art of course by mobble! she’s great, yeah

dunno if this is volume 10 or stuckhome syndrome, but it’s gonna be released; this is a super early demo

reminder that the felt, the album the original jade dragon was on and the only wp-released homestuck album i ever produced*, came out almost three years ago

i feel old

(*clark powell and i were the two on that)

i’m working on the stuckhome syndrome version of jade dragon! it’s a bit different but i’m liking how it’s turning out, maybe you all will too

i remixed friendship aneurysm for stuckhome syndrome but now i’m wondering if this should go on the album or any album or ever touch ears

ok that last one was a joke but here is quite literally the preview of the first track of STUCKHOME SYNDROME, the new album in the works that is literally me remaking all of my original homestuck music for your benefit and mine

this is an early early preview what i’m doing with carbon nadsat/cuestick genius, my very first homestuck song! feel free to rate/comment/subscribe if you like. 5 stars. friend me

Homestuck Volume 9 Listening Party - 7 p.m. Central!


Hey there everyone! In honor of Homestuck Volume 9’s release I’ll be hosting a listening party in my stream at 7 p.m. central time!

A bunch of the Homestuck music team will be there including Jit, RJ, Squid, Bowman, Nick Smalley, and whoever the heck else feels like showing!

If you’ve done any art for Volume 9 I encourage you to join in on the fun and tell us about your tracks!

Look forward to seeing you all there! 

yeah i’m going to be there, and square, and another adjective

i’ll be like this 



slightly over a week ago me, nick smalley, and robert blaker were in the same room

in unrelated news, an album hits today. maybe about four and a half hours from now, even? MAYBE. i can’t even say that for sure! 


it’s here

a track from volume 9 a full six days early

i hope you feel lucky