this page is a work in progress but i want to keep my deadline so here is an early version of the page i’m gonna secretly edit later so that the coffee shop isn’t so empty

that is an empty-ass coffee shop, ain’t it


with very little fanfare

here is the actual real page one of murder is a google trend (title tentative)

i hope you enjoy it <3 thank you for supporting me. this comic is going to be KIND OF A RIDE i’m excited

new page goes up may first. that is a month from now.  it might go up sooner if you give money to my patreon, though!

is that crushingly manipulative? shut up baby i know it

i should probably change the reward tiers on the patreon because they’re silly and unsustainable right now. new prizes for $5 tiers and up soon

ANYWAY. i’m excited are you excited

shout out to rachel for being pretty much amazing and making my world a little bit fartier. i love you and don’t really deserve you, i think.

happy valentine’s day <3

(for the record it’s super weird now looking back at the first time i drew her, ever)

super monkey ball digital painting i probably spent about 12 hours on, give or take 

why did i do this

probably because super monkey ball 2 is easily my pick for best game on gamecube. the series sort of lost its way after that for various reasons but that one single game shines as an example of some of the best arcade mechanics i’ve ever seen coupled with some of the weirdest and coolest stage design i’ve ever seen; it’s one of the Greats, and if you’ve never played through it, you really should do that at some point

the design for aiai got a little freakish after the first two (and a half) iterations but the original design is weirdly compelling, with its early-00s low budget cg look, all simplistic lighting and shapes; if i ever pitched a super monkey ball reboot to sega this would be how aiai would look, ideally. like the original design, but a little more fluid, a little more bounce. 

i like super monkey ball, is all i’m saying

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i painted a mira! mira is probably the villager who is the best. she is a superhero.

i might do more of these for other villagers! this was fun.

process shots for the art for the omegalodon album (which you should buy) (please) (i want your money ok). start to finish was about a solid week of work. 

you might be wondering why exactly i even bother with a scanned drawing if the final version is so removed from it!


aside from getting my ideas down on paper (which helps me more than you’d probably think; i find traditional drawing far easier to get started than digital drawing for various reasons i might go into later), the scanned drawing was invaluable in mapping the pixel art, the bulk of was done in ms paint. 

that third pic should give you an idea of the resolution i work at; this is so that it’s future-proof in case i ever want to print this (like if i ever do a vinyl edition of the album, hint hint). that shot of the eye is at 50% zoom.