commissions are now open, people

i am robert j! lake, semiinternet fake famous z-list guy. you may know me from this thing and these things and other things too

here is what is happening. i am going to be opening up commissions. 

 money. i don’t have a lot of money. i have like

zero money

zero right now.

so hey. 
i have a video game soundtrack that i’m working on a release for but i need to make it through to that point and i have no funds to do that. i am living on cereal. my clothes are janky and need to be laundered.

right. so. commissions.

i.e. you pay me i draw/animate/make music. i have talents of some kinds and i will service you and i can promise it will be somewhat satisfying.

here are my prices and they are negotiable:

five dollars and i will doodle anything. just a doodle though, like a black and white thing. ten dollars and it becomes a three-frame doodlemation, a simple thing. you can use these for forums or whatever who cares.

twenty dollars and you get color and the color will be -fucking nice-

fifty dollars and you start to get fancy. i will be up for making you a song. anywhere up to three and a half minutes, to your specification.


actually forget all of that okay

okay here’s the thing actually. send me your idea and i will help you make it and we will discuss prices.
i can do

-music (remixes or original work, either way)

-writing (fiction and journalistic)

-graphic design
-game design (no programming, but level design etc as well as sprites, graphics, etc for 2D environments)

help me 

my paypal address is and my email address is

i also accept donations guys