astronauts, man

the top one was done for this collab with alea on the bottom; i did the drawings and illustrations and screenprinted that center thing and she printed my design on the outer ring, dyed the fabric, and embroidered on it

murder is a google trend launches april 1st. this is holly bud lucky. somehow, amazingly, he is a professional investigator.

this is the most amazing text message i’ve ever received in my entire life 

christian is my six year old brother


Anonymous asked:

I think the comment is really what pulls the radical rabbit post together. Like, it'd be less funny on a shirt unless you could include the context and the quip with it somehow


i was kinda imagining it would just be a (much nicer version) of the drawing + word bubble with “REPUBLICANS AREN’T HUMAN”

but the word bubble could be saying “YEAH DUDE ENACT SOCIALISM” i guess

either he’d have a t-shirt on him that would say “radical” or something to that effect or if someone didn’t get it you can just point to the shirt and be like “it’s a radical rabbit” 

that or it’d just have “the most radical rabbit possible” underneath the image in lowercase


yeah dude enact socialism

serious question: if i sold a tee-shirt of this would you all buy it

donald gonna straight mess a dog up tho