iamshadowthehedgehog asked:

best suggestion: fight me.


maybe i will


not-terezi-pyrope asked:

Alternatively: Request to release Stuckhome Syndrome as a solo album on the Homestuck bandcamp?


I’ve actually seriously considered doing this; I’m probably gonna float this as an option because honestly the amount of pull I have on my own is basically zero and the 30 percent cut that WP takes is negligible probably relative to the amount I’d make from the platform alone. Basically it boils down to whether or not Andrew’s okay with it, but otherwise there’s still a legal matter of rights issues and stuff anyway to discuss with WP’s lawyer.

If they okayed it with -tribulations- about some of the stuff I’d probably just release the rest of the music on my own as a separate album


Anonymous asked:

countersuggestion: cancel homestuck, release best panels along with stuckhome syndrome. now that people have their hopes up I think it's the best choice


you’re hired

To Elaborate on the Previous Ask

i can’t just throw songs on a what pumpkin album like it’s a pure peer democracy. if i could i’d be crazy rich because i’d be throwing hundreds of songs per album so that i’d make megabuxxx and take all the profit for myself*

i’ve said it before, but i have a large bunch of unreleased music and i try getting it on homestuck albums each release; like a good 70 percent of all of my stuff you’ve probably heard was made way back for volume 5, and the only reason you’ve heard it is because i kept pushing it for later albums.


Let’s all Rock the Heist

Heir Transparent (made before Volume 4)


Air Time (made before Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead)

Afraid of the Darko

Pyrocumulus (Sicknasty)

Everything is Something to Somebody

Before the Beginning and After the End (made wayyyyy before I got on the Homestuck team; specially remixed for Volume 9)

etc; there are also scores more (literal scores; there are at least 40 songs) you haven’t heard. I make a lot of music in my downtime, and I made even more when I didn’t have to worry about money because I was a dumb high school kid.

Stuckhome Syndrome is its own bag. So is Volume 10. I’m writing new material for Volume 10; whatever doesn’t get onto Volume 10 goes on Stuckhome Syndrome’s bonus tracks along with all of my (literally all of my) other unreleased music for Homestuck. Simple as that.

ps sorry this doesn’t have cute drawings of myself to illustrate points i would do it but my tablet is dead (also sorry i didnt get those drawing recs done; my tablet, again, is dead. i will do them all at some point in the future, you have my Word. ask me about them again if you wanna remind me later)

*an exaggeration


Anonymous asked:

Suggestion: cancel stuckhome syndrome, release best songs for Volume 10. Now that Homestuck is coming back early, I think it's the smart choice.


you can’t tell me what to do mom