I just got hired to do music + other stuff for this game that’s happening. It’s a bit Zombies Ate My Neighbors, a bit goofy Silent Hill sendup. Exciting stuff! The rough title is ReDeadtion, which may be the final title. Also it may not. We’ll see! That’s what it’s called now.

This is the first draft of the theme music. 

i’m -really- excited and proud of how this is coming along and that isn’t a usual thing for me so take a listen maybe

lookit this little dude

Commission I did this weekend! Came out fun; prompt was very specific. In short, I had to make a tune for a futuristic alarm clock/space station that sounded like it was breaking down/falling apart even as it was stabilizing.

also pssssst if you want to commission me for something like this, please shoot me a message or an email and i’d love to do something for you for money

something to look at because i haven’t posted anything in a while. this is from a contract gig i need to finish once my new house gets internet

I don’t know if I agree. Plenty of artists on Kickstarter have the album basically done sans recording or mixing and mastering sometimes. Either way, I’m stoked for an album!

i suppose that a kickstarter for the album if i still did one would probably end up being more about possible physical releases if anything; vinyl and all that jazz

this said, honestly the only way stuckhome syndrome is getting a kickstarter is if one of these two things happen:

-I do a combo kickstarter for it and Running Away From Homestuck, this graphic novel i’m doing about my life during the years homestuck took off 


-i do a combo kickstarter for it and my other album projects all at once

i don’t know which would be better? but it’s not getting one on its own, that’s for sure. i have bigger projects to worry about and it’s not really something i see passing a funding goal on its lonesome. plus a combo kickstarter would have multiple tiers at each pricepoint depending on which album/albums/or books you wanted, so.

as of right now i’d lean towards the latter solution, because two homestuck-related projects from someone nearly nobody knows or cares about isn’t gonna make a huge splash i think in this year and age of 2014


Anonymous asked:

Man I don't think making a kickstarter for SS is a good idea, kickstarter is not a store, it's an investing site, and you've already made most of the album. Plus, I think it'd fail, hype for Homestuck has died down. Your goal would have to be incredibly low.


Yeah, dude! I absolutely agree. Back when I stated that, Homestuck buzz was still pleasantly plump and the album was barely anywhere. It’s chugging along at a clip now due to freelance work and other stuff allowing me to get some of the stuff I would have needed; the only question that remains is the legal one of getting all the rights squared away (I -should- under the contracts I’ve signed own the rights to all of my homestuck tracks according to their language but I’m not sure about the legalities of the unreleased stuff)

also thank you for being concerned dude

i’m not dead i swear

here’s a tiny mashup i did last night it’s kinda dumb

i’m back. i live. also reminder to look at my twitter if you don’t already because i actually use it


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i’ve got a tiny little game ost comin’ out soon and a tiny mashup i made last night what more do you want from me